WOODFIRED PIZZAS Served with a home made tomato sauce base
MARGHERITA fresh basil & mozzarella V £9.00
CHORIZO & smoked cheese  £12.00
The OFS HOT Chorizo, chilli & smoked cheese  £13.00
4 CHEESE Smoked, blue, parmesan & mozzarella V £13.00
Additional ingredients and special pizzas are advertised on the specials board

Soup of The Day V, GL Small: £3.50 Large: £5.00

Sharing Boards
Snack Board Fresh bread, butter, oil & balsamic, olives & nuts V  £5.50
Lunch Board Small soup & salad of the day, fresh bread, olives & nuts V  £9.00
Chili Beef, Tacos & Cheese served with sour cream  £12.00
Sausage Board 3 Spicy sausages made to our own recipe by Robins butcher served with chilli jam or mustard £12.00
Spanish Meat Board A selection of Cecina, Chorizo, Lomo,
Salchichon & Jamon served on a platter £12.00

Salad of the day £5.00
Greek salad £7.00

Small dishes
Please see specials board . Prices from £3.50
Chorizo in Cider served with bread £9.00

PICK’N’MIX Snacks or Sides V
Humous & Bread Sticks   £3.00     Nuts £1.50 (c.50g)     Olives £3.00

Nutella Pizza – caramelized with ice cream and marshmallows  £10.00
Cake of the day – with a serving of cream or ice cream V,GL £3.50
Ice cream – vanilla, strawberry & chocolate V  £3.50
Affogato – Ice cream served with expresso V £4.50
PX Cup – Classic ice-cream served with a PX shot V £5.50
Coffee Liqueur  £5.50